Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Blankets

 My lastest craze is putting the babies name on my gifts for baby showers. I guess my new sewing machine has made me more aware of monogramming and so it is now my standard operating procedure when going to a shower. This particular blanket is out of the flannel that is in the Moda line called "Bliss" that I made all my grandchild Easter dresses out of.  I just love it.
The embroidery is done in an applique style where just the edge of the design is sewn around a fabric letter.
 I edged this blanket in matching satin blanket binding, which I like but I can't always match.
This blanket is done in red Minky fabric (that's the really soft stuff you want to keep petting 'cause it feels like my Abby dogs ears)  on one side and red t-shirt knit fabric on the back. It is embellished with different cotton quilting fabrics around the edge and so it looks more like a typical quilt.
 Here is one where I just got a new applique font from Planet Applique I think they have a lot of cute designs. I used this old bug fabric and lower case letters. two of the letters are just zig zagged around which is the first step in the process and then I moved on to the next letter.
 I also added some looped ribbons for baby to play with on this one.
The back is again done in minky fabric, which I love for soft little babies.

Tangent time:
When Abby was a new puppy, our son Jonathan was the one who got to pick her out and help name her. Jonathan was 10 years old and he loved her ears because they felt like velvet. She was from our neighbors litter and their last name was Abbot. So our black lab/retriever mix was named Abbot Velvet Hodgman.  Now you know the rest of the story.


  1. I'lI bet those moms love your blankets.

    I sure do.


  2. Where did I get get Abigail Van Burne? She had the softest ears to her very days - just like velvet.

    BTW, your new fonts make the little blankets a massive hit. Even Michael wants one for the one he had from birth to 16 years old!