Thursday, June 30, 2011

Memphis the Musical

My good friend Laurie told me this was the play for me and she was right.
 The music, voices, dancing and costuming were outstanding.
This is an interesting piece of history being retold in a fun way. How out of the oppression of black people came this white man who loved their music and wanted it to be heard.
I loved seeing the dresses and suits that were popular during the decade of my birth and I'm copying one dress right now for my DD to wear. It's an "I Love Lucy" dress, so hope it's not to old fashioned for her. I do think she'll look great in the style.
This play is going out from Broadway to a city near you, and it is worth buying a ticket. The Hubby, DD, and Her Hubby liked it a lot too.
Thanks Laurie.

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  1. i found myself with my mouth open a couple of times. wonderful show. thanks!!