Saturday, June 2, 2012

Morning Glories

When I think of Morning Glories I do NOT think of this:
 A pretty little summer vine that although is quick growing, it still had large 3 inch blue flowers and can be controlled.
Rather, I think of this:
And I am positive my siblings do too.

When we were kids we had a large hill full of this nasty, invasive weed. My parents would have us pull it out, but the roots are continuously putting up new shoots away from the mother plant and seem impossible to capture. You pull one plant up and you can't get the whole 20 foot root that winds its way through the garden, and so 44 other plants spring up. So you try digging deep - and this doesn't work either. My Dad would even have us paint weed killer onto the leaves that would intertwine with other desirable plants. (Yes paint….with a paint brush.) File this under "TEDIOUS work I remember as a kid."
Saturday mornings baby!!!
I have lived in non high desert places during my adult life and have encountered many other weeds, at least one of which is as much a bane to my existence as this one was. To my chagrin, now my yard in Nor Cal has seemed to pick up an infestation of this dreaded weed.

I saw it rear its ugly head last summer, and I didn't get it under control, so now it is spreading. I pulled it and sprayed it with roundup which I don't like using, and it didn't budge. So last week I doubled the concentration of poison to water and sprayed it hard.
 WooHoo - partial success!
 Looks like I got some of it good.
But if you look closely, I may have to get a paintbrush.


  1. Yep. We get those, too. And Dave is always going after them with weed killer.

    Fun, fun, fun.


  2. one man's weed is another man's weed too... seems that's all I've been blogging about...maybe because all my free time has been taken up with pulling various insidious invasive weeds the past couple weeks...ugh. they never seem to end...and with 6 acres of mountainside...well, you get my drift!

  3. The bane of our existence growing up! Do you think Mom and Dad knew about Weed and FEED?

    1. I wonder if it was available then. - You know the dark ages were a long time ago.