Friday, June 22, 2012

Stanford Grad

We can't get though the spring without a graduation at our house. My kids and their spouses keep us busily involved in higher education accolades.
This year it was SIL Austin's turn again.
He got a Masters in Management Science and Engineering.
 Congrats to him.
 My cute Kathryn helped by supporting him and taking care of other family matters so he could concentrate on his studies. It took him a few years and he was able to take classes remotely, listening to lectures on line, even while living in far away places.
 Austin and his parents who are also supportive in his endeavors. His employer Lockheed Martin was supportive financially. Thank you very much.
 "Good job Daddy."
The cute young family. The college graduation was in the afternoon following the morning full university ceremony. The main speaker was a famous mayor from Newark and an alum of Stanford.
Cory Booker was an impressive and inspirational speaker and implored students and the crowd to remain faithful in the hopes and conscience of their hearts. Cory spoke without notes and was on an emotional chord the entire speech. We were glad to have been there.
Stanford's main graduation ceremony was/is a tad unorthodox. The undergrads come out for a "Wacky Walk" wearing all kinds of crazy attire and running around the field in a celebration that makes them look like immature followers of their classmates. I'm sure they think they are such free thinkers and much smarter than everyone in other schools so that they should be able to show their individuality. 
The post grads are more traditional and walk in like normal graduates.
It was very unique and kind of fun to attend and see this in person.
Austin finding us in the crowded stadium.
It was a gorgeous day and felt hotter than the 79 degree temperature just because we were all in direct sun the whole morning.
Congrats to our Austin. Good job.


  1. Austin did this in only three years while moving twice across the country, purchasing a home, fulfilling his Church assignments, dealing with an aged Miata, growing two adorable little girls, going through at least three different Kathryn hair colors, handling life in a classy manor, and still had time for family events and trips! Way to go AJ!

  2. The hardest part by far? The three different hair colors. . .

  3. Well done, Austin. He looks like a great guy!


  4. Congrats to Austin!! That's terrific! And hooray to Kathryn for being supportive. And yay for the whole fam that he's DONE!!

  5. A BIG thank you to John and Vicki for hosting the celebration weekend! Everything was deluxe! We are very proud of Austin and Kathryn for accomplishing this impressive graduation. I think only they and maybe close family have any idea how challenging this was and how impressively they accomplished it! (And how hot graduation was. : ) Well Done! We are so proud of our oldest son and his family!

  6. thanks to his supportive in-laws as well! we loved texted dad about his classes, filling you in on finals, etc. YAY for the chief!!!!