Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GG Pa & Ma

We had a very nice visit from my parents last month.
Dad drove all the way from St. George in one day and Mom, who doesn't drive anymore, seemed chipper after the long day too.
The Hubby took my Dad and son D to the Priesthood session of General Conference and for their traditional steak dinner afterwards, and although Dad enjoyed it, it was a little much for him to eat so late at night and such a heavy meal.
 They both loved our new back yard. The impatients have bloomed out nicely so there is pink everywhere you look. Not very fall like here.
We drove up to Alamo to visit a friend on my parents from their high school days. The husband of their friend has a "reader" machine for people with macular degeneration, and my mom (who has it) wanted to check it out.  I think she doesn't sit still for long enough to use something like that, but that is just my opinion.

We hung around here at home most of the time, and we also shopped a little and went out to eat a few times. Both of them like to go out for food for all three meals day, probably because they don't like to cook themselves. I am so used to never leaving my house unless I have to, that this is a foreign concept to me.

We were a bit worried about Dad driving here by himself in one day, but they did so well that when they left a week later I wasn't worried about them at all. And of course they had a great time, and did well. If I am as healthy and alert as they are at 86, I will be happy!


  1. That's great that they can get around like that at 86. My mom is 85, but she couldn't be the driver. Her husband does fine, but he's a big younger.