Saturday, November 3, 2012

Who Does This?

I am finally finished with a project that was a pain. I replaced the weather stripping on the older windows in our home.
It all started 4 years ago when we were remodeling out front living/dining rooms and entryway. I noticed the old stripping was fragile to the touch and would basically fall apart if you wiped or cleaned the window edges.
I couldn't find anything to replace it with at the hardware store except.

Something like this foam, that was sticky on one side and not with any notch type thing that fit into the grooves around our windows. I then asked a window seller that we had purchased our front door from about this and he indicated that he could get some for me. 

He ended up selling us a couple hundred feet of this grey plastic seal, and I hired Michael to put it in for me.

It never got done. My boy had it on his "list" of things to do for cash the summer after his high school year as well as the next summer (5 months) before his mission but ...... it didn't get accomplished.

So this past summer we were painting the house which was part of the snowball affect with the other massive job we were about, and I again had to address this window cold leaking issue. Now I could not find the original stripping (the Hubby had no idea what I was even talking about, even though it had been an issue for 3 years and I had fought Michael about it numerous times. Go figure.)
Was that even a sentence?
So I found some online that was white and ordered 15 feet of it to make sure it was the right stuff before I ordered more.
It was the right stuff. Starting in Michael's room I fixed one and a half windows.
And then I ordered 200 more feet of this stuff.

Then I accidentally found our original grey stripping in the heater room of our home. 

Next, I sent back the 200 foot spool of beautiful white weather stripping.

So I proceeded to strip away, finishing Michaels, then the bathroom windows and the front bedroom.  
It took me about 8 hours on this particular day and so I chatted with various people walking past our house about what I was doing and no one even knew that this task should be on their radar. Several of the windows had stripping that was gone completely and the bees or wasps had filled up other areas of the small tubing with some sort of crunchy stuff. There were large holes in lots of places, and it was generally completely rotted out where the sun shines on it. This is mainly on the East and South side of the home, where the sunshine is at it's brightest and best much of the year.

Including the day that I had selected to put it up. It was HOT!

So, I ran out of the stuff.

Ordered 30 feet more.

Put the rest of it up today and ...

DONE - nearly 4 years later. Aren't you excited that you don't have to continue reading about this gripping subject?



  1. You are my hero(ine). That is the kind of work I avoid like the plague. And you stepped up.



  2. that hurts my neck just thinking about you doing it! hahaha!