Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finally Finished - Mom's Pi Shawl

A couple of years ago I posted about a project that I was working on. Here is the post regarding that crazy, lacy, sea foam green/turquoise, and difficult Pi Shawl I was working on for my sweet mother. 
As time consuming as each row was, I was excited to finish each step along the way, although admittedly, I did put it on the back burner for months at times as I was busy with other pressing projects that didn't require as constant attention as this one. 
Now after about 3 years, I have at last finished it. I will take it to my Mother and deliver it by hand for Valentines Day.
After edging for 7/8ths of the way around the circle.
Layed out and ready for blocking. The edges look ruffled instead of pointed at this time.
48 inches of center design
Blocking the edges to make sure each point is made apparent.
Center medallion and initial 8 spokes being formed.
After blocking, this Pi Shawl in my mothers favorite color is ready for any roundish table or to be folded and put around her shoulders.
I hope she can see it well enough to appreciate how much effort she is worthy of.


  1. Well, I can certainly appreciate it! You brought it along on our cruise, and I thought it stunning then. It's really gorgeous. Mom will LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Just one more reason that you are the fav :)

  2. Wow. Impressive. I love handmade lace.