Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project from 30 Years Ago

When I was recently in Colorado at my sisters home, I noticed al long (too long) skinny baby bunting that sorta looked familiar.

Sure enough, when I looked at it a bit more closely I thought that at one point about 30years ago I remembered staring at this yellow yarn for a few weeks as it passed through my fingers and onto the knitting needles to make this for my new little nephew. 
My first attempt  at  cable stitches and I see a few mistakes. I'm sure I still see plenty of mistakes in my work, but the noticeable ones are now easier to fix than they used to be, as my expertise has increased.
I probably knitted a little tighter then than I do now and I also followed the length guidelines without taking that into account. Hence the longer than wide result. Cute little hood.
I think todays patterns of a bunting would include a little slit near a third of the way up to put a seatbelt thorough, but back then nothing of the sort would have even been thought of yet.
What a nice Aunt I was. ;-)
What a nice sister I have to have kept it for posterity.

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  1. Super sweet. And I love that she values it so much.