Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Boy Bubbles

My DIL and I threw a shower a couple weeks ago for our sweet friend and hairdresser. We have known her husbands family for 19 years and actually hers too - just her grandmother. We've known her for about 6 or 7 now. 
I saw the invitations on Amy Atlas Blog last year and had "Pinned" them for just this time.
So we changed the colors and added a couple things, and ordered a set of party decor from Penandpaperflowers. Most of my ideas stemmed from these designs.
I really thought the address labels made the invites look great. I bought 8.5"x11" label paper because my old 500 sheets of sticker paper was all used up. It took me about 15 years, but I used it all up. These  100 labels cost about the same amount that the old 500 sheets. Time has a habit of making things more expensive.
 I found this diaper tricycle idea online.
Turned out pretty good.  (more on this later)
I made dots out of chiffon for the tables.
 My friend and Krista's made these Oreo POPS. We had POPpyseed Strawberry salad.
 We had POP corn,  Jello POPS, Cupcake POPS, SodaPOP, LolliPOPS, anything POP.
 Never thought I'd be making Jello for anyone let alone for a party, but it was so colorful and pretty.

 The entryway to the house had a ladder with a welcoming sign and bubbles streaming from a machine on top of it.
Welcome to the guest of honor.
One of the guests also made a fancy diaper bicycle. What a pair.
 We had about 40 women at the party and they all enjoyed chatting for a few hours. It was a lovely evening for an outdoor party.
The mother-to-be received all sorts of love and gifts for her new little guy. 
He should arrive in October.
Congratulations Krista!

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