Monday, September 30, 2013

Home At Last

We have had a few fun days around here. Last Thursday our missionary of two years came home.
 Made a sign to greet his arrival.
We are happy and he looks that way too.
Before his plane arrived, we were patiently waiting at the airport.
 Pretty patient anyway. The kids were great.
 They didn't get in trouble as they ran past the "Do Not Enter" security sign.
 Such excitement to have Uncle Michael home. They call him "Michael Michael."
The parents are pretty excited too. Biggest hug EVER!!!
 Speaking a little Portuguese to our friend Chuck.
First meal at "Classic Burger."
Next day we went to the temple. It had been over a year for him, so it was a nice experience.
SOOOO nice to have our Michael back.

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  1. There's nothing better on earth than those homecomings. (And I suspect they are pretty cool in heaven, too!_