Friday, June 14, 2013

Flower, Flowers Everywhere

We seriously had the most beautiful wedding flowers ever. Crystal and her team did such a fabulous job and there was only two issues that arose out of the day. One was the blasting wind storm, and I don't believe that she could have done anything about that, and the other was - oh, ... the wind.  Both of our problems were definitely wind related. 
One of the beautiful silver candlesticks holding a beautiful cut crystal vase on its top that was full of flowers was blown over in the wind, breaking the irreplaceable vase. My friend who had lent it to us for the big day was actually the one out of 188 people in attendance who found it broken and kicked into the bushes. Terrible. 
If anyone can find another cut crystal 4 inch wide vase that slips into a taper candle holder????

 This is the talented daughter of our florist and she was a great asset to the team. Stephanie and I, Crystal and her daughter all started the week by going up to the flower market and handpicking all the flowers that were to be used. We had a really fun morning with them, and it got us excited for all the work they were going to do.
 I had about 40 items of silver from various friends stashes and I had the florist fill tiny creamers and such with very small arrangements to place around the tall 30 inch rented silver vases that would go on the tables. Half of the tables would have this type of arrangement and the other half would be lower arrangements done up in larger borrowed silver bowls and serving vessels.

 We used silver teapots and vases for accents in the bathrooms, on display tables, etc. I think they ended up being my favorites.
 The morning of the wedding before everything was set up
Arrangements finished and placed ALL OVER the family room and kitchen of the house. This would keep them cool until they could be placed out on the tables in the heat of an 85 degree day.

The tall vases took me several hours to clean and shine which was just many of the things I had to do the last week of the wedding as they were rented so I couldn't do it ahead of time.
 We used our outdoor lanterns for cool arrangements too.
 Peony's and scabiosa pods.
 Tiny crystal ornaments to go on the tall arrangements.
 Some of the small arrangements to surround the tall vases.
 The swimmer setting things up in the pool. She thought this job was AOK.
 The side of the house was the entry point for our guests, and they made little tiny tussie mussie's to go in my silver cones that I use for ornaments at Christmas time.

 The wind came up, as the flowers were going out, and we had to quickly change the plan.  The tall vases would blow over, so we downsized the arrangements and placed the huge ones directly onto the tables. It definitely made things too crowded as we were serving the food family style and so we had to have room for serving dishes.
The main table was done up in crystal, sterling silver and old fashioned china.
 All the other tables were white china, rented stainless flatware and simple stemmed glasses.

 Corsages were beautiful as well.
 And the brides bouquet was fabulous, with just a bit of bling.
 hanging down were dendrobium orchids. Aren't they wonderful!
Flower girls had these little balls that were just adorable. (oops I forgot another issue. They forgot to carry these sweet flowers out with them when they marched out with signs that said Here Comes The Bride (and groom.) So Kara ran the flowers out after the little girls were seated on the stairs below the couple as they watched a short ring exchanging ceremony.

All in all the flowers were just beautiful and we were very happy with how they made the whole place look.

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