Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wedding Food Pix

We hired a caterer that we used for Katz wedding in 2006. The daughter of the owner was a teammate of Stephanie in high school, and she ended up taking charge of our event.
So Desiree of High Five Catering was the girl. She helped plan, and took our ideas and ran with them. She did a really good job.

 We had the drinks set up on the bar for the outside kitchen. Lots of soda's, water, and a pineapple punch in a beautiful silver punchbowl that I borrowed from a dear friend.
 Kathryn did the chalk art including this menu sign. We chose not to have printed menu's at the place settings.
 The caterers set up things pretty well with us gone to Oakland for the wedding. The blue tablecloth was wrong side out, and the chair covers for the head table weren't put on, but it was really because I thought I'd have time in the morning to tackle this project before I left to the temple.

 A little fruit and bruschetta to start us off. The hit of the appetizers was the sushi rolls that the groomsmen seemed to wolf down. I had told the caterer that sushi was a favorite of my DD and her husband, and they did it up well. Passed hors devours were on silver platters that I had borrowed from various friends of mine. Thanks to all of my wonderful friends.
We served the main meal family style, and had strawberry salad, salmon, beef tenderloin, grilled asparagus, roasted fingerling potatoes and focaccia bread. The food was all very yummy and we got a lot of compliments. We did have issue with having just one thing at a time delivered to the tables. I was nearly finished with my salmon before receiving anything else to eat it with. I think if we ever serve a meal like this again, I will make sure that each respective table receive their full meal to pass around the table at the same time. 17 tables can't all be served at once and I'd rather each table have their full meal than have all the steak delivered to all the tables, then all the asparagus, etc.

 Not a lot of pictures of food were taken, but here's a lovely one of the salad.
The cake was done by our friend Jen of Jen's Cakes in San Jose. She had her wedding reception at our home in May.
We also served yummy chocolate covered strawberries that my friend Cindy made for us. She did a great job.
 And cotton candy, which the caterer had to figure out after my request for it. We used sturdy paper straws to put the little cotton candy lollipops on, and they were flavored two ways with raspberry and coconut. Both white.
Food did turn out really well. Thanks everyone.