Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Felted & Finished

I truly can't believe that I didn't take a picture of this coat/sweater before I shrunk it.

I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, because I had previously made another much smaller sweater from the same pattern, and I decided I thought the shape the pattern produced would make an adorable retro 3/4 length boiled wool coat for Lexy.
Problem was ... I didn't know how big to make the pre shrunk sweater, or for that matter, how much yarn to purchase for the experimental project.
So I just "went for it."

And, yes, I did run out of yarn.  So the back bodice piece, which I had to go find semi matching yarn for, is slightly off color. It kind of looks like I just color blocked the back. I also added a contrasting yellow piping between the colors and that kinda hides the difference in fushia pinks.

Before washing the finished product in hot and very soapy water, it was a large and misshapen garment. It would have been too limply hanging on a body to look cute or even to not stretch out as the wearer was walking across the street. I knitted it with large needles (11's) and with the very easily felted "Cascade 220" yarn. I decided to leave the buttons off, as the heavy, even stiff, new fabric will stay in place with the simple tie.
I am happy with the finished coat like sweater. I think if I was to do it again, I'd make it a little longer for the width. I think things shrink more lengthwise than widthwise, but it actually fits her pretty well.
Lexy likes it too.

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  1. How cool. I love the boiled wool look, and I'm impressed that you were able to achieve it.