Thursday, July 15, 2010

Outdoor Eating

My niece asked me today if we ever use the "dining room" in our house.
Well, I replied that we basically only use it between Oct. 21 and Easter (whenever that is) each year. Random dates that are determined by the Hubby's birthday and the end of the holidays that typically don't encompass warm weather.
At this lovely time of year, we usually take our hiney's outside for a less formal dining experience. On the 4th of July for instance, we ate some deviled eggs that none of the adult children had ever attempted to make.
They turned out pretty darn good. Mayonnaise and dijon mustard mixed in with the yolks and some nice sweet paprika from Hungary sprinkled over the top. Simple and yummy.
Some of PW's Rosemary Mozzarella Skewers, with a little grape tomato thrown in for color and extra flavor.
Stars and stripes red velvet cake for dessert. It turned out pretty good too. I added baby chocolate chips to the batter, and used pre-made Pastry Pride ready to whip topping for the icing on top. This is always a light favorite for people.

Those Costco raspberries are the BEST. The blueberries are pretty tasty too.
I also found Black Cherry soda pop at Costco, along with the good Rootbeer.
Michael was a little impatient.
And it blew up in the freezer while he was getting it cold ASAP.

The Hurrier I Go,
The Behinder I Get.
This is a saying that was on a plaque in my Grandma Kelly's kitchen in my childhood.

After having to clean up the glass and frozen pop in the freezer, Michael now understands this cute little saying.
Turns out, Lena and David like the Black Cherry. This too, reminds me of my childhood.

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