Friday, July 9, 2010

NW Portland

In 1990  after living in a SE suburb of Portland (Clackamas) for 9 years, our family decided it was time to upgrade our living quarters. In doing so, we thought it would be best to go to the opposite corridor of the metro area and get a place closer to where "the Hubby" worked. So we found this great little neighborhood in the NW by Beaverton and finished a spec home that was being built there. We had increased our numbers significantly and with 6 of us now living in a 1800 square foot house, we found the now more ample 4200 square feet roomy and  a little decadent.
We set right to work on the inside.
And the outside of the house.
We made it our own.
The children rode the bus to Oak Hills Elementary School and later to Meadow Park Middle School. The bus stop on the front end of our 32 home neighborhood filled the entire bus with kids all going to the grade school, so there were plenty of children around to play with all the time. It was a great place to be.

Then in 1994, after we had things just the way we wanted, we picked up and moved to California. The Hubby had gotten a new job in the "Bay Area", and we all reluctantly packed and moved away from our beloved home. (and yard)

Well last week while we were visiting Portland and going to a wedding, beach, and playing, we went to our old house to check it out.
The door knocker still says "Hodgman", the wallpaper and decor are much the same as it was 16 years ago when we left.
Plants and trees have either grown up, or have died and been removed.  It seems as if nothing has been updated or remodeled.  
We were able to have a reunion with the neighbor across the street. Debbie and even her son Gus were on hand to have a chat with us and it was great to see them.  
David and Gus were great playmates when they were young boys, and now they are both married and living lives away from Joseph Court. 
What a lot of fun memories the kids talked about as we drove around the area and headed to our wedding reception. Feel free to share kids. (comment - hint, hint)


  1. It's so much fun to go back and visit a former home. We are going to be doing that in August when we go to our old ward's reunion. Well, at least, I hope we get to go. Between the bank and church, nothing vacation-oriented is for certain with Dave these days.

    It's all good, though. We will definitely be hitting the beach with the fam at the end of this month.


    PS. Loved seeing the photos of your old digs.

  2. David had so much fun going and seeing his old houses, schools... he told me that was the best part of the trip for him! It was fun for me too to see a glimpse into Hodgman life before LG :) I am glad you came in our car as our tour guide!!!

  3. WE missed you guys SO much when you left!