Monday, August 16, 2010

August Activity du Jour

We have such crazy winters in these here parts, that The Hubby decided to give MM a great August chore of putting up the Christmas lights.  Yep, that is what you just heard. (or read, that is)
Back in December of last year, we put a new roof on our house. That called for new gutters of course, cause you always have to add more hidden costs to a project, and so our old Christmas lights needed some new support. However, The Hubby can't just stop there. He has to go out and get new lights and energy efficient blah blah blah, and nice straight fasteners in which to put them up with, etc.
He enlisted MM for this.  They plotted and planned, looked things up on the internet, which is where they shop too, from my fine example, and purchased the items for installation.
Here are the little doo hickeys that the lights will fit into for perfect alignment on the house.  This, after he modified each latch separately by heating it on the flame of my cooktop and then stretching it out to fit our bulbs.
And here he is working on Christmas lights with his shirt off.
I remember helping my Dad in December with sweaters, coats, hats, mittens, gloves, frozen nose and the works to put up our Christmas lights.
This is a much nicer way to plan ahead and get the main work done.
Thanks Hun and Michael.


  1. Melting the plastic to fit!!!???? oh boy oh boy. but....oh, boy will it be nice when you actually hang the lights in december! (or do you do it in november?)
    and....oh, boy....what a cute boy you have! i hope he has a great year in Utah.

  2. I think your son is going to take Utah by storm.


    PS. Good job on the lights, all! (Can't believe you even custom-stretched them!)