Monday, August 16, 2010

Record Time

Our newest granddaughter was blessed on Sunday. It was a lovely NorCal day as usual, and we had a nearly full family in town for the weekend, so even though her Mommy was originally thinking they would accomplish the task in perhaps October, this seemed like the best time to do it.
I did take pictures of the dress in progress, but alas my upload to the computer from the camera was a tragic loss today and so it is a good thing The Hubby is so reliable with his trusty camera. (is that an example of a run on sentence???)
I spent a lot of time on the shaped lace all over the front and scalloped hem of the under slip. There were 3 rows of insertion lace in scallops on the outer robe type dress as well. The whole thing was done in a very lightweight cotton batiste with french val lace all around. This delicate type of lace is easy to shape in various curves or geometrics because you can gather one edge of it by pulling a top thread and drawing it into your chosen shape.  I think that is why it is used for all the old fashioned looking heirloom clothing.  
I did some hand work, as in the above picture, on the very front of the dress. Even placed a "C" for Cossette in the center diamond. The rest was all done by machine.
I will retake some pictures of the dress so I can document the back of it better after I get back from a trip next week.
In the meantime....isn't she sweet!


  1. I can't even imagine being able to make something like that...

    And the baby is gorgeous!


  2. sorry to have put you on the timer! it turned out beautifully. i hope you know it does not go unappreciated. my girls will cherish their dresses forever. kisses*

  3. Wow, VK, what a beautiful dress, and even more beautiful baby. So when are you going to schedule the class to teach the rest of us how to do some of this fantastic stitchery? :)