Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do Sit Under the Apple Tree

Last year when my DD talked me into buying a little kiddie swing for our walnut tree in the back yard I thought we would use it once in a while.
Then we cut down the walnut tree.
It had been getting sick over the past 5 years, and being in the middle of 2 enormous ash trees, it was getting no real sunlight.  So we had it chopped down and ground up the stump while we were at it.
Now where to put the kiddie swing? How 'bout in the outdoor ice chest for the winter?
When I found it in the spring, we settled on a couple of limbs in one of our two apple trees. It fit perfectly, and has been used nearly every time the grandchildren come over to our house.
Luke had his first turn the other day.
I think he liked it.
Can't believe he is 6 months old.


  1. What a perfect shady spot for a little guy to enjoy watching summer roll by.