Sunday, December 5, 2010

Family is the BEST

Just thought I'd go back a week and post some pictures from our trip to Utah and Colorado.
We arrived in Brigham City a day before the storm hit. We were bundled up all snug in Grandma's house for the 6 inch snowfall.
It was very pretty. And then became very cold as the next couple of days proved. There were 5 degree mornings and I'm just not used to that, being acclimated to Nor California and kinda liking it that way.
 We visited with Grandpa in the care center. Jonathan and Stephanie are with him in this picture. Michael had gone back down to Salt Lake City for basketball practice and Thanksgiving dinner with the team at Coaches home.
Father and son (The Hubby) pictured here.  Grandpa seems settled and not too agitated in the center.
Then we went up to Aunt Toni's for dinner.
 Grandma love the appetizers.
 Stephanie loves the puppy's.
 The family loves the football games too.
 Yes, including Grandma Hodgman.
Sarah set a beautiful table. Everyone helped in the cooking and cleaning, what a great family I married into.
Thanks for a lovely holiday.
The Hubby and I dropped of Jonathan and picked up Michael's car in SLC, then followed Stephanie to Pleasant Grove where she was dog sitting, to spend the night before heading to Grand Junction for one short day.

My Dad is recovering from a total knee replacement. Starting to move better. The other leg is taking the brunt of healing the operated one.
 My mom and baby sis.
Me, Mom, Tracy, Camille.
Then back to Salt Lake City to watch Michael's new team play a game.

 Warm ups.

 Jumbotron Michael.

I love this cute kid.


  1. Look like a wonderful time with the family, and that is so much fun to see Michael in a U of Utah uniform on the jumbotron.

    Seriously cool!


  2. It was so good to see you guys. I am glad you were able to come to GJ even if it was short :)