Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Be "Hung by the Chimney with Care"

After knitting all my children's Christmas stockings as they grew up, my daughter thinks that the best stockings are knitted 'cause they look like "stockings." She asked me to knit them in random designs, shapes and sizes unlike the ones I made in her youth that were all the same pattern and size, with different motif and color choices. Her colors, however, are going to match well.
So, over the past few years I've made them stockings as they added to their family with yarn that I purchased in bulk to begin the project with a questionable completion date and quantity. Last year was Ellery's first Christmas and this post was about her new stocking.
Another new baby was added this year and the Mommy wanted a plainer stocking with just a couple colors, white polka dots, and a short stumpy stature.
Here is the base of the sock, nearly finished.
Now, with the polka dots added. I first tried to crochet white circles and sew them onto the shell, but that wasn't what the designer (K) had in mind, so I did duplicate stitched circles on the sock and that was just right for her. Not too hard, not to soft, but just right.
I also like the added strings of pompoms. I should get a picture with them hanging from their mantle. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I like the added pompoms, too!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. i should send you one of the pics of cossette IN said stocking. :)

    thanks again!