Monday, December 13, 2010

I Heart NYC

The Hubby has some business in Boston this week, and so we decided that if I accompanied him on his "trip", we'd first spend the weekend in The Big Apple. 
We were able to do a little shopping, (for fabric - his favorite kind of shopping) go to MOMA and check out the modern art, preview the new Broadway play "Spiderman Out of the Dark", listen to fabulous singers in sacrament meeting as well as "Sing your own Messiah", investigate the Christmas markets in Bryant Park and Columbia Circle, and eat some good food in some arbitrary restraunts.
Here's an IPhone photo of the Hubby in Time Square. If this place is the same latitude and longitude of when I was there last, that is the only resemblance. I think it goes a block further on both ends of the main Broadway/7th Ave intersection, and at least 7 times the height and width of billboard/ big screen/ signage as it did in 2000, which I think is the last time I graced the city with my presence.

This handsome man has taken each of our 5 children one at a time to this great city for their 16 birthdays, and they all have done different things that were decided on by themselves. He had never been asked by any of them to take them to MOMA, so the only time he had been there was a business reception several years ago. We started off on the top floor and we thought, "If this is it, our favorite places won't be in jeopardy of being replaced." As we went down to the next floor, and the next, we really enjoyed the art work and short history behind it all. Here is a Monet.  Everyones favorite and one of the most famous.
One of my favorites is Kandinsky.
All sorts of good stuff.
The New Spiderman play was interesting. I like to cry and laugh a lot during a play, and this one didn't really give me that, but I was certainly entertained. Very fun take on an old comic book.
This picture is of the curtain.

The garment district gave me some fun places to shop for actual clothing/fashion fabric. I'm so used to just having a selection of cotton quilting fabrics, that this was a real treat for me. I bought a couple grey wools, and a satiny bright green for a blouse. Each of them have a little spandex for stretch and an updated wear and look. I also bought black wool for a vest (yes, Kathryn - for you).
I tried to spend just a few hours there, as to not bore The Hubby too much, but he is always a good sport about shopping. Thanx!!

Church was their Christmas program and was very well done. The tenor Michael Ballum sang "O Holy Night" very well and the organist was also famously good.
We went back that evening to listen and sort of participate in singing the Messiah, by Handel, and the soloists were equally good. I lost my program, but I had looked up the soprano Marie TeHapuku before that and she was a real opera singer. Her first mayor role was one my mother played when she was pregnant with me. It was the role of Hansel in "Hansel and Gretel", and I grew up listening to pieces from this opera here and there, so I feel a certain kinship to it.

We went down to "ground zero" and couldn't see anything, but they are planning a beautiful memorial.
Serene and simple.
We took the train out of NYC to Boston this afternoon and I took a few pictures on my IPhone. They really aren't good but at least it shows where we were.
"Training" out of NYC. So pretty, the skyline is, and my little granddaughters would get such a kick out of the train whistling down the track.
 All along the eastern coast, through Connecticut, then Rhode Island, and finally to Masseschusetts.
Such a great time with the Hubby.
Thanx! Did I say that already?


  1. fabulous! is this all iPhone photos? i love hearing about your fun adventures.

    (& that maybe i'll get that vest, yet! :) )

  2. This sounds like a wonderful getaway for both of you. I love doing things like that with Dave. When he retires, we hope to do a lot of it!

    What a neat 16th birthday tradition! And how cool is attending sacrament meeting in NY and getting to hear professionals sing? (Our ward is angelic, of course ;-) but not quite at that level.


  3. What a great vacation... and I'm glad you discovered the MOMA! Tom has no desire to ever go to NY, but I'm hoping I get him to come with me someday. It's like a country and culture all it's own over there. I bet the energy is especially fun during the Christmas season. AND, Michael B sang for you? Hard to picture him singing Christmas music, if you know what I mean. :)