Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Sewing (2)

Here is the next installment of my "Bliss" fabric items.
I posted about a cushy baby blanket here, and now I'll show off my little shoes and panty/bloomers for the wee one.
 These little under dress panties will contrast with the actual dress when all finished. I used bias binding on the right side of the pants for a casing to run the elastic through. I used this same fabric bias binding for the trim on the shoes.
 The top of the shoes is the bloomer fabric, while the bottom of the shoes is out of the dress fabric (to come later)
I had the red ribbon with white polka dots laying around, and the cute buttons were repurposed from an older purse that will never miss them.
The bloomers took about 30 minutes, but those shoes were at least 3 hours in the making.
I sure hope they look cute on the cubby cheeker.


  1. How could they NOT look cute!? Adorable!

  2. you mean the cHubby cheeker. & yes she will!