Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Sewing (7) - The "Bonnet"

For the past posted dress I made a big flowery headband that I thought I'd pass off for an Easter Bonnet.  The traditional bonnets that we used to wear in the 60's were usually of the straw variety and white. This fun, long established custom was probably a left over from the Catholic church and having all women's heads covered when attending.
I still have a couple of Camille's and my hats from our childhood somewhere up in my most uncomfortable to crawl into, probably rat infested attic.
They look something like this.
 I couldn't find a picture of myself. I think my parents have all of them still, but this is how we all looked going to church on Easter Sunday.

Move ahead in time to 2011 and here is my updated version of this ritual a la stuffed bunny.
I made up 4 different types of flower bows and attached them to a felt base with needle and thread, then I placed them on a headband and glued the felt to the headband with another slightly smaller piece of felt on the back side of the headband.
The red ribbon is tied in a traditional two sided bow with a small gathered ribbon and button in the center.
The turquoise bow is a 2.5 inch double sided satin ribbon that is sewn (basting stitch) in a running line down the long center of the ribbon and then pulled up tight and made into a ruffly flower.
The pink felt bow is 7 or 8 same sized cut out circles. The bottom one is flat and all the others are folded in half and then halved again. The center points are then sewn onto the bottom one at a time filling out the entire carnation type flower.
Lastly is the fashion fabric that goes with the dress, and it is ripped into a 1.5 inch strip by the width of the fabric (45"). This strip is tied in a knot in the center and then the strip is folded around the knot and turned every half inch or so to make an interesting flower. Tutorials for this abound on the internet.


  1. I'd love to see photos of these on the girls!

    And the little miss atop the car in your family photos is classic!

  2. rat infested?!

    i can't wait to see the girlies in these too! you'll have pictures come easter sunday. :)