Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend for Family

 We were able to have a very nice weekend and funeral for our beloved grandfather.
All of our children in one place, with Grandma Hodgman in the center.
 Kathryn with cousin Tressa's daughter Madison.
 David stitching up Uncle Rod's dress pants for the funeral.
 Beautiful Mantua from Aunt Toni's front room.
 St. Joseph Catholic Church in Ogden, Utah
 The Hodgman Family
Jonathan, Michael, Stephanie, Vicki, John, Kathryn, David
 21 gun saluters
 Grandchildren as Pall Bearers
 All of GG and GPa Hodgman's posterity 
 Gracious Grandma Muriel
 After the graveside service.
(Thanks Stephanie for the pictures)


  1. Great family pictures. Those are always sad days, but having everyone together is such a lovely thing.


  2. What a blessing to HAVE a family to bring together! I know it wasn't the trip for it, but wish we could have seen you when you were in town... just over the N. Ogden divide and you would have landed at our doorstep. Hope you'll come visit us one of these days! Miss you guys.

  3. you're welcome mama~ you know you can always count on me to have my camera handy...
    Love you and we are so lucky to have been loved by such a great man~