Monday, October 10, 2011

General Conference Weekend

Last weekend was spent with family, and making memories for Michael to carry with him for the next 2 years.
 We listened to conference, spent time with the San Jose nieces and nephew, had Jonathan as a visitor from SLC, played freeze tag and basketball, and the boys went out to their traditional dinner after priesthood meeting.
 Lena and Lexy like to make baskets, and this time they had TWO uncles helping them score.
 Luke is getting his sports all mixed up. He watches his sister play soccer so I think that he knows what to do with a volleyball on a basketball court?  Not really.
Uncle Jonathan, Lena, Uncle Michael
 Michael did change out this net before he left on his mission.
I should explain the dinner tradition. John takes the boys out every 6 months after the Saturday night session of conference, and they try to be in the same city if they can. However, Jonathan hasn't been to conference with them for 3 years and he generally doesn't go to church. He made and exception for the tradition and they seem to all have had a great time. David was working during the day, so he met them at Priesthood meeting and I didn't get a picture.
 The boys went to visit their favorite Inger Sandberg.
Swinging in GramVi and GPa's apple tree. Wheeeeee!


  1. glad jonathan enjoyed & was enjoyed. wish we could have been there for the big send-off.

    & inger! i'll send you a picture of c in the ladybug outfit she bought e & you can show her next time you see her for me. :) tx!

  2. What a great picture of three of your guys!