Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Other New Hampshire Tidbits

Here is a random smattering of some of the other things we did last week.
 We were able to have some yummy hotcakes and maple syrup at various breakfast places.
 These were some of the mushrooms that we found along the damp trails of the White Mountains. They are stacked in the small little crevice of this mossy rock.
 Looking for moose in the boggy areas at dusk and dawn.  Well, just dusk. You didn't really think we rose up early enough to explore before the sun?
 The Hubby sort of enjoyed our boat ride on Lake Winnipesaukee. I really liked it though, so he went along because he is nice like that.
 More neat little growing stuff.  This time on a log.
 We rode the tram up to the top of the ski mountain and explored around for a while. Another beautiful day for viewing 60 miles out into Vermont, Maine, and almost to Canada.
 This seat on the Cog Railway shows us how long people have been obsessed with Mount Washington.
It is the highest on the whole east coast of the US of A.

 We walked all the way to the top of the mountain ..... from the train drop off 50 yards below.
The trusses and cogs were pretty interesting and the new biodiesel train pushes up the steep slope in about 25 minutes.
 There were old resorts to see along the highways showing that this has been a popular tourist destination for many many years.
 Do you see a moose?  We saw one dead one along the side of the road. Good thing I saw 6 in Utah last month.
 Little white churches along with turning leaves is how I originally visualized the small towns of New England.  We did see several.
 This cute little Canadian lady was a very good cook. Baguettes and macarons were the order of the day.
I don't know why they need these signs.  Did I mention that we saw no live moose?

Seriously very cool trip. Sorry that my blog has completely turned into a travel log.
Only one more to come and it'll have a different genealogy type twist. I'm sure you are going to wait patiently.

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  1. Great scenes!

    (Those are some pretty freaky 'shrooms.)