Sunday, July 8, 2012

It Is Expired

I tend to keep things in the backs of cupboards and refrigerators. Perhaps for a rainy day? Perhaps the food storage idea is sometimes taken too far? Or perhaps I just plain forget about looking to see when things need to be all used up. Such was the case when I was wondering why the liquid dish detergent for dishwashing machines was all clumpy and gross as we were attempting to squeeze it out into the dishwashers compartment the other day.
At first just watery liquid poured quickly from the spout, but soon the hole was clogged with hard clumps of grainy detergent.

Does this have an expiration date? It's certainly not perishable like my milk cartons or yogurt containers. 
Oh but it does. This stuff expired in September of 2004. Seriously? I must've bought it in about 2001 or 2002. Surely it doesn't go bad quickly. 
The Hubby had an idea. Let's put it in the blender and see if it makes it back into a single type of liquid.
Oh … it worked!
And my dishes are clean again.
Can you say CHEAP?


  1. the cheapest well-off people i know!! maybe there's a connection there? :)

  2. and your blender has probably never been cleaner either!! :) That's one smart hubby ya got yerself thar..

  3. hahahahahah that is hilarious!!!