Saturday, July 7, 2012

June Backyard Update

This thing is actually coming together and even though it is SO LATE in being completed, I am now at least getting excited to have it finished.
Here is the run down.
The planters next to the house and all through the back are filled with good potting soil and amended very well (I hope.)
Here is the next phase of the fire pit out to the right of the pool area. First the cinder block then the rock veneer cover.
The "bunker" as we are calling it, for the pool equipment is up and fully stucco'd with all the equipment in place. There are still some electrical units to finish and place on the inside walls such as the irrigation clock and increased amperage for the outdoor lighting.
Pit with Aromas rock in place.
Grass area.
Side yard storage cabinets being completed.
Flow through areas from the hot tub to the pool. We changed this up a bit adding one more spill over, and making the rocks gradually go down for more of a trickle effect. We didn't like them at first and after tweaking them with the mason, we think they are better.
This shows the pool coping around the hot tub and the planter next to the back left fence.
From the back corner looking toward the house. This area that I'm standing on while I shoot is going to have another smaller arbor in the end.
We chose this granite that is mined in Brazil. The name of it is Betulaurie and it matches great with our other rock and such.
Here it is being installed for the outdoor kitchen countertop. Looks AWESOME. One of my favorite items yet. It also reminds me of Michael who can't be here right now because of his mission service in Brazil, so he sent us some rock. (not really - but he's my kid right?)
We bought 2 of these planters to flank a door near the kitchen. They are made from the same material that our front porch planters are from, and so I think it makes for a continuous flow from entryway through family room and outside to back yard.
Beginnings of fireplace to the side of the new covered patio.
With interior brick installed.
Struggling to move the hearth stone from the front yard to the back.
Alas, it was on a dolly whose wheels fell between the 2 ramps and injured one of the masons finger. 
This 6 inch thick rock sat here for a couple days before they attempted to move it into place again.
Meanwhile, the stucco guys did some patching around the newly installed posts and also the lower edge of the original termite infested house.
Which they then re-stuccoed.
Pool equipment.
Stucco installation.
and finally hearth inhalation. That heavy stone is finally moved out of our driveway where it had taken up residence since about March. There is still its sister stone for the mantle out there, but it isn't as thick and heavy. There is the issue of moving it to the TOP of the fireplace instead of just 15 inches off the ground. We shall see.
It's all level and pretty good. Masons are going to have a little chiseling to do on the front face of the stone as there is some scarring from tools of some kind.
Final stucco coat.
Are you getting the idea that the contractor is actually getting things going here?
Miles of electrical wiring for lights, irrigation, pool equipment, kitchen equipment, heaters, and even a car charger in the garage. Can you say "Snowball affect?"

One of the workers under the sink pulling his leader rope with wire attached to it. They had to be really organized this day as they were helping the electrician get things set up.
Next month update is going to have plants in it. WOOHOO!!!
It could also have a pool completion. The pool man is no longer MIA.


  1. that yard is going to be incredible!!!

  2. be patient, it's almost over :) looks great!

  3. You're going to have a showplace over there!


  4. Progress! It is looking great! Without seeing the process no one would ever realize how complicated it is..