Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We had a Paige Party at our house last week. Our friend Paige Knudsen is engaged to be married next month and some friends and I had a shower for her.
I had intended to be in a finished back yard when I initially planned this thing, but embracing the unfinishedness of the yard was what I had to do for this event.
 It was well attended and we did have some great food. Paige in the purple dress.
Opening some fun gifts.
 The invitations were all yellow and white. Cute and fun just like the bride. My neck didn't handle them well.
 Yummy desserts. Julie H made some terrific cupcakes, and everything turned out well, even though my organization and clean up of the yard was out of control - even for me.
The mother of the bride on the left is a good friend to all.
Best wishes and love for the new bride to be. (Thanks to big sis Andie for the pictures.)


  1. They must be so busy with two weddings on the horizon. Congrats to both Paige and Andie!


  2. oh so fun...wish I could have been there... :(