Thursday, February 26, 2009

1st Team All League

Michael's junior season is over.

Basketball season ended this past week for our local high school team. It seemed to be about one week earlier than Michael had planned for it to be over. The season started out better than it ended with our team winning much of the preseason , but loosing all too often by small margins in league play.  

Yes, my youngest child is in love with this game of hoops, and has been from the time he was a very little boy. I remember a day when he was six years old. He came running excitedly into the house to find me. He had to show me his new dribbling trick so I went outside to watch him dribble between his little legs. Wow! I was amazed at his over the top exuberance and wanted him to keep going so I explained that really good basketball players could do that with both hands, and he said he'd start practicing. 
Well within about a week he came trotting in to me to show me another new trick and ... he could now do the cross through his legs and even more with his left hand as well.  

He has never stopped practicing and has become quite a good little ball player. He watches the NBA, especially the Kobe Lakers, and college ball on TV. Then goes outside to the hoop on our large, somewhat tilted, driveway and works on all aspects of the game.
This practice and tenatiousness has led to him playing on varsity as a sophomore last year and being a real asset to his team this year as a junior. 

This season he has had three games where he scored over 28 points and several others that are close to 20. He was ill for a week toward the end of the season and it has taken him a couple weeks to get his strength back. He is the leading scorer on the team, and plays good defense as well as continuing in having pretty good ball handling skills. 

The team finished league play last Friday night and was not invited to play in the CCS playoffs. They missed to cut off by 1 team and were dissapointed because they thought they would have a couple games left to show what they could do in the first rounds of CCS.

He will receive all-league first team honors and we are excited that he has been able to continue to love the game and improve at the same time.

Onto practicing for senior year and afterschool weights. Good luck to you Michael in your preparations for an amazing next year. 


  1. i love the 6 year old story... so you! 'good job, i'd be really impressed if you did even better!' always a hard sell. love it.

  2. This post brings back memories, Vicki. My boys always played basketball, too. Sorry to hear the team missed making CCS, especially by such a small margin. (Always disappointing!)

    I bet all-league, first team will soothe the wound a bit, though...

    Hope senior year is his best one ever!