Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines all around.

This weekend I went with my hubby John to visit his parents in celebration of their 60 years of marriage.
Wow SIXTY years is a long time. They are soooo cute together.

Grandpa is very forgetful these days, but never fails to be a gentleman and open the door for her, thank her for breakfast, etc.  
"Old habits die hard."
Grandma takes care of him in a fashion that he has become accustomed to and she is happy to do it. So patient and loving all the time.

John's sister Toni made all the arrangements for a nice dinner at a restaurant, and we were joined by some of the grand kids. It was a very nice, cold, snowy day. I guess similar to the day they were married in St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Ogden 60 years ago.  
They had known each other for just a couple of weeks after Ken's brother and Muriel's sister, Bruce and Bernice, introduced them.  She came "out west" with him from Massachusetts then immediately got married. 
Congrats to MOM and DAD Hodgman for 60 big years of marriage.  

On to me.....
It was a fun valentines for me too, and 30 years from the dad my sweetheart asked me to marry him.
Thirty years ago it started by waking me up at 6 am to begin out our valentines together.  (I should have known that he would be an early riser and wake me many more times through my lifetime.)  He gave me a very BIG card with a proposal and called my Mom and Dad to ask them what they thought about it.  Cute.
We shopped for a ring that day traveling from Salt Lake City where we lived to Ogden where his sister knew a jeweler.
We visited his parents and gave them the news and had a fun day about town.
Oh, by the way....I said yes! 
John has been in my life now for over 30 years and he is still my love and best friend. We have now been together half as long as our parents. Onward to 60 my love!!!


  1. Hi I'm so glad you found my blog- it is so much fun to keep in touch with family and friends online. I love your blog and all of your projects- you are so talented! Hope to see you soon-


  2. You two are so adorable, I can hardly stand it! Congratulations on your 30 years of coupledom (is that a word? :) ) This Valentine's Day was the 31st anniversary of when my husband and I met. A good day!