Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Through Time

I think the hardest thing about writing about what goes on in my life is actually choosing what to add each time I decide to post.
This week I had an ordinary week and got a few projects completed. 

I smocked and sewed a new little day gown for Ellery, finished a lacy mauve/pink sweater for her as well, walked the hill, bowled, cooked some awesome soft bread sticks found on a cooking blog that is in my faves, made chili con carne to go with the sticks, blew up balloons at my friends house for the LGHS senior basketball night decorations, made valentine boxes filled with chocolates for my "Beehives", and drove to the airport a few times.

Here I post a couple of pictures of my projects and will expound on them a little for those interested.

First is the old fashioned "Day Gown". I learned how to smock and do fancy work called "heirloom sewing" when I lived in Portland.
Stephanie and Kathryn were about 6 and 8 years old at the time so were almost too old for the little smocked and french lace dresses that I learned how to make. After making 2 or 3 for Kathryn, and 5 or 6 for Stephanie, they definitely outgrew this type of sewing and I just said I'd have to do it when and if I ever had granddaughters.

In the ensuing years I have used these skills to make a "blessing day" dress or our little Sophie friend, a "temple dress" for Kathryn, along with just a few other little things. Now that I have granddaughter's I can make a few more of these "heirlooms".

In the Southern States many little girls as well as boys wear this type of dress and it is really big "down under" in Australia and New Zealand. The magazines that feature these beautiful dresses and the materials for them I have had to locate on the Internet. 

Another thing that makes it nice to sew these dresses is that little girls of today wear less dresses than in years past and so it is a bit difficult to find church clothes. We go to church where people tend to dress up a bit and this will hopefully give my granddaughters another option.

Kathryn really wanted a yellow baby dress so we found this white fabric with machine embroidered pastel flowers. I smocked it with a geometric solid yellow and added yellow piping at the bodice and scalloped hem line. Puffed sleeves and straight sleeve bands compliment the simplicity of the design.

The knitted lace sweater is made with a cotton milk protein blend
yarn in a dk weight. It was kind of fun to make as the lace was knitted separately and then added to the stockinette body and sleeves. A picot edging was added to finish off the edges.

I do enjoy the making of items for my loved ones and friends. I think this is the main way I show my love to them. I share my time and expertise.


  1. Ohhhh, you are SO talented! I love them! You'll have to post more pics!

  2. let me try this again... :) these really are so gorgeous! but you didn't mention the wodden ladybug buttons on the sweater or the scalloped edging on the dress, 2 of my fave parts! ellery will always know you love her. thanks!!