Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Linz and Salzburg

Coming in to Linz was quite a beautiful scene. The park on one side of the river goes for miles with skate parks, soccer fields, kiddie areas, jogging trails and lots of early morning activity. The castle on the hill is seen for miles and the industry on the other bank of the river is clean and productive looking.We hopped on a bus for the trip to Salzburg as soon as we landed. The guide on the bus was informative about this city and the countryside as we drove.
This gorgeous lake is multicolored and the rocky mountains around it really set it off. It is called Crescent Lake (actually I can't find the real German name - but it is like crescent or moon or something.)
We arrive in Salzburg after about 1 1/2 hours on the bus. The stream running through is called Salzach and it was a natural deterrent from enemies for the fortress on the hill in medieval times. The important salt mines and trade began this city centuries ago.
Now ... this is absolutely the most adorable pedestrian shopping street I have ever laid my baby blues on.  Don't you just LOVE the cute wrought iron signs and narrow cobblestones (oh, you can't see those) and great stores.  SOOO CUTE!!!
Oh, and this actually is where Mozart was born. 
..... and the 15th-century Dom Cathedral where he was baptized.
..... AND here is where Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp family hid from the Germans. See behind the stones in the gated area. (I think the middle daughter did good for just not freaking out here in the dark cemetery)
Oh, wait! A three story shop that is dedicated to CHRISTMAS decorations. John was in heaven!
Yet across the "street" was another little boutique with MILLIONS of decorated pastel Easter eggs.  Again, right up my alley.
All-in-all a very cute city, even though it rained on us as we were trotting our way back to the bus. (all 113 of us)


  1. The Christmas store was amazing but the old churches and cathedrals were the prize. And yes you do have beautiful baby blues unless you're "fiery" (dare I say passionate) then they are an extraordinary brilliant green. Love that green!

  2. I LOVE this...and it's especially cool to see where the von Trapp family hid. (I am a Sound of Music freak from childhood...)

    Salzburg looks wonderful. Now I need to go!