Sunday, June 28, 2009

SF - Good Times

Michael had some summer basketball games in San Francisco this past weekend, so The Hubby and I decided to do a bit of exploration with Kathryn, Austin, & Ellery on Saturday.Our first stop was Mama's on Washington Square. They serve a heck of a breakfast, if you're willing to wait an hour or so to get fed. I had great eggs Benedict, J and A had various types of yummy french toast, and K had some bagels and locks. Breakfast's were all SUPER!
Heading up to Coit Tower on foot, with a stroller in tow was the next adventure. The kids had to carry it (the stroller) up some stairs, but it wasn't too bad. The view was spectacular and the day was perfect. Seems that we dodged some 100 degree heat back in the south bay during that day.
Ellery, who is now 5 months old, likes to play with her blankets, and eat them, etc. She is pretty transportable and a great little gal to travel around town with. She liked all the sites! tee hee
She especially liked how Michael Michael (that's what Uncle Michael has been dubbed by Lexy) shot 15 three point shots during the 2 games we watched. Wow ! Good job MM !
We went to Alamo Square and saw the many brightly colored Victorian Houses. They are called the "Painted Ladies" and I have seen them in pictures, but never before in person.
We finished the day by eating in Japantown at the Benihana's, one of A's favorites.
Fun, beautiful day! Thanks Hun, and kiddles!


  1. It was a very fun day and Ellery tows along very well, even when you run off with her to the park by yourself! I liked Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church at Washingyon Square in North Beach. It was as pretty externally and internally as any of the churches we saw in Europe. Kathryn, Ellery and I met a woman coming out of the church who had been married for 51 years and both of her parents and grandparents had been married in the same church. About a half hour later, this same woman was walking across another street and I over heard her telling the people she was with that she had talked with this man and his daughter at the church doors. She said, "And she had the cutest baby girl!" Yes, she does!

  2. We were in SF Saturday too, but we went to see Wicked. Pretty entertaining, too.

    The baby is darling...and congrats to "MM" on such a great game!


  3. i really like your new background! it's very european. or maybe it's nova scotian like my bagel & lox. would not, could not with a fox. :) thanks again for a fun saturday!

  4. It sounds like you had a great day in San Francisco. And you're right, you escaped a nasty heat wave. But I guess you caught it the next day ;o