Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Latest BLURB Book

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So this is what I spent my extra time on while I was at camp a couple weeks ago, and then continued when I came home for a few days. This is a new book all about our European vacation and we have our own pictures and commentary throughout.
I finished it and had The Hubby and Katz get it all edited for me, then I ordered it up.
Wah Lah! After waiting for a mere 6 days, it arrived last evening via my friendly UPS man. It looks as good as I thought it would.
This is my 5th Blurb book and I have yet to be disappointed in any of them. Perhaps some of the dark photo's could be lightened up a tad, but that could be my fault in the first place.
Look it up ...
They (the blurb folks) have just added a new service that allows you to completely design your own books say in PS4 or another design software and then just load it all up to their server. I am going to try that next so I can do Michael's photo albums with all the cute buttons, paper and extras that I did the old hand done scrapbooks with.
I am a bit fearful that it'll take me an hour per page, but hey, I used to spend that on my hand done pages, and I am sure to get speedier and speedier as I get more used to Photoshop.
I'm so excited.


  1. What a cool idea. I will check that website out for sure!


  2. How "friendly" is the UPS man?

  3. It may have taken you awhile to post but this looks great! Loved seeing the book tonight.