Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bike For Breath

This particular Saturday morning we were signed up to bike in a fund raiser for "Breathe California".
The Hubby (what a handsome guy, huh) works for a company that develops medications and one of them has a pulmonary use, hence we are on the list of possible helpers.
Here are a few of the short range bikers that He works with. The 50 and 60 milers already took off for the mountains. This bunch is going 10 or 18 miles.

We start out near the west end of the San Mateo Bridge and ride along the bay through marshes and flat lands. The paved trail must go on for miles and miles.

There are cool birds, and some smells that make me wonder if it would be worth it to live this close to the bay, but it is a beautiful ride.The airplane traffic is also fun to see coming in.Check out the clouds. I don't know what it is about clouds, but there were so many different kinds in the sky this am.
...And we're done. Off to Michael's basketball games.

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  1. OK, so you posted this on July 11 and I'm just reading it now - what can I say... But, as one whose mother has serious pulmonary problems I really appreciate this effort.

    We miss you at YW!

    Robin B.