Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Whatever Happens.......

... in Vegas, stays in Vegas." ??
I accompanied Michael to the big hot city in the desert this past week where he played a few basketball games against random other 17 year old boys from Chicago, Arizona, North Carolina, Southern Cali, etc.

Although there are some very fun things to do there, I was basically alone much of the time, and it was very hot much all of the time, and it seemed like my quick walking ability that I try to hone a few x each week is non-existent on the "strip". You walk for nearly 20 minutes just to get from one hotel across the street to the next one.

Michael played well about half the time and so the games were decent to watch.

My pictures turned out horrible. I have some photo studying to do.

He is off to So Cal for the next tourney and I returned home to get ready to travel across the country to my
cute nephews wedding. (no offense to my other nephews)

The hubby, Stephanie, & I will meet the Mikester in Boston where we will have a little family time.

Good idea right?

Why can't I get these pictures and the font to line up where I want them too????

I promise my next post will be more positive.

Viva Las Vegas!!!!

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  1. You have to click the box that says "None" or you won't be able to move the pictures where you want them, nor will the text work out right. For instance, if you click "right," then the text will be to the left and right next to the picture. But if you click "none," the text will go under the picture.

    It took me forever to figure this out, by the way. I am not exactly a computer genius...


    PS. Sounds fun with the basketball. That's the game all my boys played in high school, and our family loves it.