Saturday, July 4, 2009

Marching Tunes

Yep ... after a few years of not living in my childhood home (like 33 years), I still got awakened with John Phillip Sousa blasting in my ears this morning. Sergeant Samuel W. Kelly - 1944
My father used to love Saturday mornings and WORK. We would be enthusiastically awakened bright and early to start our day with a little marching music and a nice breakfast. Then we'd be led to the standard chore for the day (usually weeding the hill) and then making sure our rooms were spic and span before we were allowed to go anywhere, do anything, or see anyone. Being one of the "little girls", I'm sure our chores were light in comparison to the older children of the family, but Camille and I still thought we worked pretty hard.
The Drum Major at Provo High School in 1943 or 1944. Is that what got us into the marching?
What a cute skinny guy. One of these days I'll pull out a picture of me in the 70's following in his footsteps.
Joyce Mower - 1944
He was able to turn this girls head and after WWII they started their life together.
Good job Mom & Dad. (And thanks for the patriotic, memory invoking call this morning.)

Happy 4th of July !!


  1. The tradition of awaking kids to the marches of Sousa were contniued (only on the 4th of July) for our children as we piped the music throughout the house on the stereo! They loved it, sort of... Thanks Mom and Dad K! You're great examples to all of us!

  2. i am in love with these pics; grandpa's band uniform just made my day! he is ALL legs that man. what cute, awesome ppl you came from my dear! & yes, we did love that tradition dad.

  3. We used to have to work every Saturday morning, too. We weren't allowed to leave the house until all the "deep cleaning" had been done.

    Your mom and dad were pretty cute! (Wish I had some of those long, skinny genes...)