Sunday, June 14, 2009

Off the Boat-onto Munich

We left the ship before 8 am and travelled the 1 1/2 hours by van to the Munich airport (included in our travel fee) only to quickly grab a cab into Munich to our Marriott. They told us how to get to the metro and we were off to Marienplatz at the heart of the city. We arrived at the perfect 9:45 am time on a Sunday morning. Perfect because the bells of all the towers and carillons began chiming, ringing out, and calling us to church. We followed the most persistent and ended up at Frauenkirche for a high mass. It was the celebration of Pentecost as well as the 200th anniversary of the death of Joseph Hayden. The music was the best we had heard while in Europe, with an orchestra and beautiful operatic voices singing from a balcony high in the back rafters of the large modern gothic cathedral.
The Hubby was not supposed to take pictures inside -so he actually didn't, which was a first, so this is the only shot we got of the inside. The place was crammed full of worshippers and we stood/sat back by one of the small side chapels enjoying the sites, smells and especially the amazing music presented in the mass.
The carillon up above the neo-Gothic city building was a sight to see. A big, giant Glockenspiel high above the street to entertain several times a day. We saw it at noon. Then we joined a loud English speaking guide who was yelling across the plaza for anyone who was interested in a city walking tour. "Austin" was from Texas and entertained us for the next 2 hours around the city.
This is Asamkirche. It is as gaudy and thickly adorned as any room I've ever seen. A privately owned chapel, it is the ultimate statement in Rococo.
The new Jewish synagogue. Very modern in appeal, German Jews feel like it is a reminder that the Nazi's were not the victors in any way of thinking or being.
If you look above the large arched window to the right, you can see a round musket ball from the war in the early 1800's. They just left it.
Rub the lions head for "prosperity."
The famous Hofbrauhaus. We went in to get a feel of the loud "oom pa pa" music and feel the excitement of Munich's passion with beer. Fun, party going on!!
See the kid on the slack line? Reminds me of my Jonathan. The park (English Garten) also reminded me of him, with the crowds and activity everywhere you look. Must be as big as Central Park in NYC. Sunday afternoon was busy like I couldn't believe.
There were 2 huge Biergarten's in the park. You can see one across this pond. Thousands of people (and great gellato.)
Next day we venture on the train to Neuschwanstein Castle. Abut 2 hours away from Munich through beautiful forest, farmland, and alps views of Bavaria.
"Now we get to walk up there? No problem."
..... and Hoenschwangau Castle where King Ludwig II grew up, just down the hill.
Of coarse we get up to Marienbrucke overlooking the castle and find that the gorgeous castle is covered with ... you guessed it ... SCAFFOLDING. Amazing how much of this trip has been accompanied by scaffolding.
Gorgeous colors and decor in the "Crown room."
Hike back to town the long, watery way. Beautiful!!
The alps out the train window.

Back to Munich.
Back to a long plane ride.
Back to reality.


  1. This has been so interesting! Thanks for taking the time to share the photos. (I know it's a pain uploading and commenting on all of them, because I did the same for my recent trip.) But it makes a nice record, doesn't it?


    PS. No, I didn't get to go kayaking. I used to be heavily into boats and the ocean, but now I have lupus and am so sun-sensitive that I have to stay out of the sun entirely. A major drag. So I stayed at my sister's while the guys went to the Channel Islands. We had a ball, so at least I had a good alternative.

  2. Thanks Vic! A great remembrance of our trip. You're the best traveling companion ever! Nothing is ever too big, too tall, too scary, too plain, too fancy or too much for you. Let's do another 30 years together!
    Love ya, J