Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trois Celebration

Last week I traveled to Colorado to celebrate yet again the wedding of my sister Camille's youngest son. I was also able to see many members of my fantastic extended family, attend a grand-nieces blessing ceremony, and stay with my cute parents.
This is little Ashley Jean who was given a name and blessing by her father Brett who is my older brothers youngest son. Just the next day she was admitted to the hospital in Provo and then flown to Primary Children's Medical Center for bacterial meningitis. She is fighting for recovery and we are praying for her health.
I don't know much about her prognosis, so I'm just hoping and praying for her parents to be strong and her extended damage to be as minimal as possible. She is off the respirator and hopefully out of ICU now. Such a tiny, cute little body to be fighting such a mean infection.
Here are 2 of my grandchildren with 2 of Steve's (my bro). The 2 sets of sisters are close to same ages.
My 2 kiddles who were able to make it to Grand Junction. David, Kara, Lexy, & Lena drove all the way and stayed in Los Vegas on the way. Stephanie came with a cousin from Salt Lake City.
The party was in Camille and Brad's front yard and she decorated it sooo cute. Red and yellow lanterns all around, red flags with yellow hearts, red flags accompanying the guests up the driveway. White lights and lit up twig globes hanging in trees finished off the celebratory atmosphere.
Dane and Aimee (Daimee) dancing at the party.
Lexy thinks brides are THE BEST thing since ..... marshmallows? Look at L's expression. Can it get any better than this?

Lena just wants another piece of watermelon. Greenriver, Utah grows the BEST melons. Don't you just love how the green and red cups are so in focus and the cute little toddler is completely out of focus. I think I took 42 pictures of this and they all suck. Sorry.
My Dad took me on a trip around the west valley looking for peaches. We found plenty, and had a beautiful drive. Thanks, Dad.


  1. Beautiful bride!

    Beautiful baby, too, and I hope she recovers quickly and completely. Meningitis is rough, especially for such a sweet little newborn.


  2. Hey, Vicki. Could you enable the "Followers" widget on your blog so I can follow you? It'd be much easier not to miss a post that way.