Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yes, I cook!

So, apparently I don't often blog about the food that is prepared in my kitchen.
As I looked at all my labels from past posts, I thought to myself, "Self, it appears as though you aren't a cook, by looking at the # of posts you have on the subject."
So I just want it to be on record that I do spend my fair share of time in the kitchen and do enjoy cooking up to date food and keeping myself in on all the great foods that are out there.
I don't like eating or preparing the same kind of food everyday, week, or even month, so I tend to get in a rut once in a while about what to prepare for the fam.
So last night I photographed some of the food that has come out of my kitchen this week. The top picture is from my freezer and is some great Raspberry Jam that Mr. Michael is downing very quickly, much to the Hubby's shagrin. Next here above is a pork roast slow cooking for dinner tomorrow night. I have to take it to an older couple so I thought I'd cook it and refrigerate it so I can take off the fat and also have it ready by mid afternoon and not be rushed.  I think I'll also make some bread sticks from a "Queen of the Castle" recipe I found online a few months ago. My family loves these, and I have been using my breadmaker again after years of wondering if I should just give it away. Thanks Lynn.
The other thing I have again in my freezer is ice cream. This time I made a custard vanilla type with real vanilla beans and it tastes yummy. I think it was a little thick, so I would use less eggs next time (Pioneer Woman said use 8 -9 eggs and I used 7. I think I could've gotten by with 5 or 6.) I've made a blackberry ice cream last month and of course "Kelly Brown Ice Cream" a couple of weeks ago. This is a burnt sugar based ice cream that you either love or hate, and I am in the "Love" category. M Michael is in the "Yuck, really??" category. The Hubby thinks it tastes like coffee (I don't) and David and Katz like it well enough. Kara had it for the first time and she is on board. I'm not sure about Austin. He is being polite.
Anyway, in closing.
       1.  I love food
       2.  I make food
       3.  I read more food blogs than any other type
       4.  I have a very daring palate
       5.  I just don't write about it very often and pretty much never bring out the camera to show how to dump baking soda into flour.
How's that?

(It looks like blogger updated and I am going to have another learning curve to conquer. Can't even find the spell check.)


  1. if you want to make your pomegranate trifle so you can take a picture and blog about that I would be willing to come over and help you eat it :)

  2. I love pork roast in the slow cooker. And I also love the look of this blog! It's a great background!


  3. LOVE Pioneer Woman and her recipes!! If you haven't already, you've got to try her Buttery Thyme Bread (to die for) and that ribeye with onion blue cheese sauce that she posted the other day (also to die for).

  4. I don't cook and don't enjoy cooking but I'm always impressed by people who do. Pork roast in the slow cooker sounds wonderful though!

    Blogger's new format will try your patience for awhile.