Monday, September 28, 2009

Blankets Galore

I have a very messy sewing room. It is actually a study room for Michael, and an extra bedroom for guests or when we have a full house of Hodgpeople.

So this month I have been trying to get rid of the larger items that take up space. I have been making blankets. Using up the thick Minky fabric stash that I have been collecting, the floor of the closet is becoming visible now.

Here are a couple of the blankets. Minky is sooooo soft. I love it. The car/map one is just fleece.

...But like I said, I have a boatload of it and I need to keep making these things till I have a stash of finished blankies, instead of a stash of fabric.

Here is a flannel rag quilt that I made for the cute little new great-nephew. My mom and dad used to make these for everyone and really can't anymore, so I thought I'd make them for the new family additions. I really should complete another one for little Ashley before I go to Utah this weekend.
"Get busy you say."

This is a picture of another mess that I plan on cleaning up today and tomorrow. My Young Women at Church made these lunch bags out of oil cloth kind of as a back-to-school activity. But.... you guessed it, we didn't have time to finish them, so I was elected to to the task.  I guess I was the only one who could've. So I'd better get back to my room.

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  1. The blankets look great! (No surprise, considering who made them...)