Sunday, October 11, 2009


As a followup  to my last post, I want to indicate that I did accomplish a few things before we left on our week long vacation.
The lunch bags for my Young Women got completed, and the blanket all cut out.
I, however, got my direction turned when my daughter Stephanie called to say she needed me to bring a few things to Utah when I came. I then ran to the store for a zipper and finished repairing a couple pairs of pants so I could bring them to her.

Moving on, I want to say how beautiful Utah is this time of year. Park City is ablaze with oranges, reds, and especially yellows. These bright fall colors with the evergreens all mixed in, make for a spectacular site.

And this picture of the Salt Lake Temple taken from where Stephanie works in a restaurant across the street is pretty amazing too. We were able to take in General Conference while we were there. My Mom and Dad came to stay with us in the Park City Condo, and they were a delight.

Michael left on Sunday and Kathryn, Austin, and Ellery came that evening to stay the rest of the week.

Cute pumpkin hat Ellery. You must have a Gramvi that loves you!

Great grandparents seeing her for the first time.
We all enjoyed the week.  Stephanie, her roommate Hillary, and Jonathan came up to visit us a couple of evenings.

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  1. Looks like you had a great trip! Does Stephanie work at The Garden? If so, she probably knows my niece Sydney Tonks...she has worked there for a couple of years now.

    Hope all is well!