Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Deluge

Northern California has gone about 4 months with nary a trace of precipitation until today.

Wow, it was crazy. We got at least 3.8 inches - at least that was the amount reported in Los Gatos.
Check out the gutter on the bottom right of this pix.

I think it could've been closer to 5 inches, because our pool rose up past the last tiles, and decoration, clear to the top of the brick where it meets the deck of the pool.
You really have to click and enlarge these pictures to appreciate how much rain was coming down.

This back yard has puddles everywhere, and tree branches out on the lawn from our huge Ash's.

We have to sweep the debris away from the one drain that works. It then flows nicely for a while. The drain in the center of the patio is completely clogged with roots from the trees.
The wind was nuts too. Huge gusts brought rain down in all directions.

Oh, observe this too. It's raining in the family room. The Hubby and Michael repaired all around the skylights, gutter of the roof, and anything they thought might be causing this issue last summer, but somehow not all the leaks were fixed.

Nice tupperware bowls catching the frequent drip drop of the water pretty much all day. It spashed allover the area of the floor and we soaked lots of towels.
....And the internet was down for several hours. I'm not complaining though because at least we never lost power, and we do need the moisture.
Fun times were had by all.

I'd better go wash towels.


  1. You should scan in the pictures of the kids brooming water away from the house with the '95/'96 winter storms. Now that was a storm. Kathryn was nine or ten years old in her night gown and rain boots - sopping wet soaked to the skin!

  2. We are still without electricity. Bummer.


  3. rain boots?!?! who is he kidding? we were barefoot baby! in my dalmation nightgown. cutie! that shot of your roof makes it look like you live in a hovel. haha.