Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Busy Boy

Saturday am you could find helpful Michael up on the roof with his always busy Dad.

If you remember the storm last week and how the rain water came blowing into our family room, my boys were up on the roof pouring water seal into as many nooks and crannies as they could find.

And cleaning the skylights while they were at it.

What a beautiful fall day from up on the housetop.

Then there were other things to take care of.  Like washing the car, driving it to a drop off  point, maybe working on college apps, showering, putting on a tux, and then off to Coronation.

The kids and parents all met for pictures before taking a bus up to Hirschman's winery for a great dinner.
Here's Nick Hirschman, Michael, and Jake Hackman-Salazar.

Then Kira showed up looking beautiful as ever.

What a couple of handsome kids!  Nice shoes Michael.
Have fun.
Wow, my baby is SOOOO OLD.
Me too.


  1. Oh...I remember these days! What fun!!


    PS. He is, indeed, one handsome kid.

  2. i am IN LOVE with that rooftop picture! & michael is a stud! those shoes really make the outfit.

    oh & capitolize Coronation. :)

  3. You mean capit"a"lize. Right?

  4. is it just me or is michael the best looking hodgman kid? sorry kathryn. (this is tom by the way)

  5. clearly it's tom cause wow. misinformed my friend!

    & i wrote that comment on my spiffy new phone so don't hate on me if i spell capitalize wrong. i'm still learning mom. we can't all be naturals. hahaha/