Monday, November 2, 2009

Lots of Fun On Halloween

We start the night before at a Los Gatos Ward Halloween Partay.
I had invited the granddaughters and their parents (if they wanted to participate) for a party at church and they all came for the fun.

Ellery was in a cute little witch costume.

Lena was a "Hop, Hop", as she put it. The outfit was rather warm making it more adaptable for a cool night of trick-or-treating. I'll show it in full later.

And Lexy, ala Minnie Mouse, showed up ready for a good time. Dancing, laughing, and taking it all in like a pro.

What a bunch of nice little girlies!!
GPa and I finished the night off at an ugly high school football game in Palo Alto. Too bad Cats.

The next morning found us bright and early getting all set for a pumpkin patch and corn maze in Livermore.

Ellery got her hair done for the occasion.

Don't get lost in the corn Michael.

The Hubby, always on the lookout for a fun picture, is up on a crossing bridge in the middle of the field. "Hey Dad."

Love these pumpkins.  Did I mention her hair? You've gotta get a closeup of this one.

"What do you think these thingy's on the top taste like?"

Kathryn, Ellery, Austin

Kira, Michael

Vicki, John
 Did I mention how AMAZING the day was? Something like 73 degrees and yet it is still feeling like fall. Gotta love the Bay area.

Then the "Hop Hop" showed up at our house to trick or treat. She brought her cute parents and sister who helped Gramvi set up the pumpkin bags on the front porch.

Thanks, Lexy Lou.

Then Michael and his friends readied themselves for the night in the Ninja Turtle costumes that they spent the past 4 hours creating.

Cole(Leonardo), Michael (Donatelo), Michael Sporck (Michelangelo)
Nice job boys.  Don't have too much fun.


  1. Boy, you packed a lot into one Halloween. Looks like fun!


    PS. Great pics, as always. And you're right...the hairdo is classic!

  2. "But Grandmother, What cute little granddaughters you have!"
    All the better to squeeze and hug them she said.

  3. I'm so happy you got to the corn maze. We couldn't see anyone from the bridge. But then again, we were all ON the bridge...