Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Day, Sunshine

It was a great day. All the family home and enjoying one another.

The table with it's new Chocolate tablecloth to match the napkins I bought in Harogate last year. (The entire cloth cost as much as one napkin, a 60" X 144"er at Bed Bath and Beyond - good deal? Or maybe the napkins were a bad deal? They are very beautiful though.)

The placecards all labeled for the day. Labels made with sticky paper and digital thanksgiving papers and embellishments.

Here's a close up of the semi-finished product. I put the names in green on the little tag. Very cute if I do say so myself.

Ells Bells all set for the day.

Adorable little rolls to scarf down.
And of course a turkey that we had to frantically cut parts off of and microwave, because it was still a bit pink when we were ready to eat.

Oops?!!! Thanks for pitching in everybody.


  1. Wow. Beautiful table!

    Surprisingly, my dinner turned out edible...maybe even better! (I was so gratified.)


  2. thanks for a perfect birthgiving day!! kisses*

  3. What a wonderful family fun to see everyone together! And how great to have had Jonathan home for the holiday.

    You table, craftiness, and perfect rolls are all to be envied. Wish I was as good at everything as you are!