Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting to be a Big Girl

We all packed up and drove to Chuck E Cheese for Lexy's 4th.  She was so cute and all her cousins and sister of course had a great time.

I should really fix the red eye on these before I post them.

There that's better. Cute Mother/Daughter shot.

The sister and little cousin "driving" the cool Chucky car.

The birthday girl with her bigger cousins.

Can't forget the Dad dancing with sis to the Chucky beat.

Thanks for turning 4 and inviting us to your sweet birthday.
You were such a big girl and acted so grown up. The thank you note was very polite, and we really had a fun time watching you and your cousins play, and of course you opening your presents.

Shoot, I just burned my pies.  You'd think after 50 some odd years, I'd learn how to set a timer.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, boy. Chuck E. Cheese. My favorite....or not.

    However, I NEVER miss a b-day party like this one. Sounds like a blast!