Friday, November 13, 2009

My Love/Hate Relationship

This past week, my patience has been tested by all kinds of computers.
My main home computer just quit a couple of weeks ago. Froze up entirely, and although I turned it off for the night, it would not unfreeze like it had the week before with a simple reboot until I took it into the Apple store and the "Genius" loaded up another operating system. This had it running great for about 3 days, when it suddenly froze up again.
Both times prior to breakdown, The Hubby had been loading up some new applications for his new iPhone onto the iTunes account. We all got iPhones last week and they are pretty wonderful. But maybe it was the iPhone? The computer was fine until now.

I actually Love my iPhone.
Back to the Apple store I went, with appointment in tow.  This time the Genius told me that we were going to have to wipe everything out and start the computer fresh.  Wait. I have to make sure all my pictures are saved, etc, etc. 
I took it back home with the hope that I would be able to bring up the contents just once more so I could get them all saved on our "Passport" download deally.
I tried to turn it on, The Hubby tried to turn it on,  Michael tried to turn it on. All evening and into the night we tried periodically, and on the 32nd time it turned on for me.  
Hurry download all the pictures now!  Oh wait that will take 5.4 hours! Are you kidding? I Hate computers.
Next day after all the contents we deemed important were downloaded, I went back to the Apple store (at my appointed time, mind you) and he erased everything.
Now to add it, reload it, drag it all back in. I have a lot of STUFF. I Love having it at my fingertips, all organized by date, person, place. It is really great, this technology stuff.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Did I mention I Hate computers?
The Hubby thought we should just all work from one user name since we all use the same iPhoto, and iTunes, etc. That way we wouldn't have to constantly switch from screen to screen. So we tried that.
Next day we synchronized the iPhones via "MobileMe". It worked like a charm until the next morning when my phone got flooded again, and now I have all The Hubby's contacts and calendar items. My Contacts are GONE. They are still in an undisclosed place in the back of my phone, but are nowhere to be found in my computer. This is my Christmas List.

I Hate computers.
The next day my car computer said I was dangerously driving with a steering malfunction. Then, when I finished my walk an hour and a half later, there was no sign of the malfunction anywhere. I guess the computer forgot about it.

When I arrived home, my DVR (TV recorder) was recording the 23rd hour of the today show, and I couldn't get it to turn off or on, or restart, or retry. 
Scanning from my HP printer onto my nifty computer has never been a problem before, but when I tried to do this very thing this past week the scanner won't recognize that I even have a computer. (I can print from the computer just dandy) Did I mention........?

I still have yet to separate all this out and get my calendar back to only meetings that I have a clue about. Maybe this weekend.
In the meantime, enjoy all your technology for tomorrow it dies.


  1. Yeah...I'm a technology whiz, too.



    PS. I feel your pain.

  2. Oh Vicki.....I had to laugh even though I know that I shouldn't. However....been there, done that with our MAC. And I KNOW I will be there again. My computer has been acting up and that little voice inside is whispering "back up your computer, backup your computer...". But do I listen? No! I may be feeling your pain sooner than I would like! ~Pam

  3. "incoming call: could be 'stephanie hodgman OR stephanie hodgman" =)

  4. Mmm corn ice cream.

    I'm so jealous of your iphone! I want one.