Monday, November 9, 2009

Why I'm NOT a Food Blogger

I thought I'd do a recipe for my blog today. I thought yesterday that I would do a food blog tomorrow (which is today, now). 

So .... I started by getting out the ingredients for the pasta dish that would be the object of said blog.  But I had actually already started the recipe an hour earlier when I spiced up these two cornish game hens and stuck them into the oven. So I took a picture of them.

They are looking pretty good about now, so I baste them with their own juices. Yumm.

This is the gathered ingredients and now I'm ready to start. Not a horrible way to start a preparation, but I'm now have to stop and take a picture. The next time I would've had to stop, my fingers were dirty and I was under the gun to get this thing into the oven. So I didn't take any more pictures.
The END.

Oh, wait. I did take a picture of the WIERD dessert I made for the dinner.

I saw this on the Martha Stewart show a couple of weeks ago.  It is "Corn Ice Cream."
You heard right, I actually cooked cobs of corn, removed the kernels, made ice cream custard, blended the concoction, put it through a strainer, and froze it in my ice cream maker.

There's more.  I then popped corn and made a sweet kettle corn for garnish, and topped it off with a berry compote. (the compote was also supposed to have kernels of corn in it, but I was thinking it was overkill at this point so I omitted them)

The punch line is that it was pretty good. Interesting, but pretty good.
I'll try almost anything won't I?

I forgot about blogging the cornish game hen / pasta marinara with artichokes until the huge batch I placed into my beautiful all clad oval roasting pan was completely and utterly GONE.

So the reason I don't food blog is that I'm absent minded, I guess. Or, maybe I'm always in a hurry. Or I start cooking dinner too late because I'm doing something else.
Maybe someday.

I have a request for the actual recipes so here they are.

For the Corn Ice Cream go to this link on Martha Stewart. Honestly, as odd as it sounds,  we all really enjoyed it.

The original pasta recipe by me is as follows:
2 Cornish game hens , seasoned inside and out with 
                                   salt, pepper,  & Herbs de Provence
Roast in 350* oven for 1 hour, uncovered, basting a couple of times
When done, cut apart and set out to cool so you can debone and handle them.

Cook 1 lb. of Penne, or Gemelli pasta in boiling salted water. (something that size)

While pasta is cooking place all other ingredients into baking dish. I used a large oval roasting pan. A lasagna dish or other large casserole dish will work great.

48 oz. Marinara type spaghetti sauce (mine had mushrooms in it)
1 lb. grated Mozzarella cheese
1/2 lb. grated cheddar cheese
1 scant cup Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese
1 cup sour cream ( I have used alfredo sauce in a 16 oz bottle instead of sour cream too)
2 Tblsp. Capers
2 cups quartered artichoke hearts
Roasted garlic
Onions - sauted in poultry drippings

Dump it all together with cooked pasta and deboned, cut up game hen.
Sprinkle another cup of grated parmigiano on top and bake for 45 minutes.

Chow down.

P.S. Can you tell I shop at Costco?


  1. Well, you may not be an accomplished food blogger yet, but man, have you made my mouth water looking at both the game hens AND the dessert.



  2. Those hens look positively delish!! But what I want to know is...are you going to share the recipe(s)?